The department of surgery has been rendering commendable service to the patients residing in the area.There are three large operation theatres, well designed and equipped with most modern operating tables, lighting systems, high speed autoclave, Ethylene Oxide Sterilisation Unit, Fibreoptic Endoscopes (Bronchoscope, Oesophagoscope, Gastroscope, Cytoscope and Resectoscope for Transurethral resections of prostate), an operating microscope, an Image Intensifier Unit, Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Equipment and many other equipment.

Post Operative Intensive Care Unit
There is an 4 bedded post operative intensive care unit for surgical patients. The ICU is equipped with piped oxygen, suction and compressed air. There are ventilators, pulse oxymeters and cardiac monitoring equipment exclusively for the surgical patients.

Laparoscopic Surgery
The department has the facility to perform Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy. This method of removing gall bladder is relatively new and has the advantage of requiring very small incisions resulting in faster patient recovery as well as being much less painful than the conventional procedure. The patient stay in the hospital will be shortened considerably and post operative complications are fewer. Besides Cholecystectomy there are other applications for Hernia repair and Appendectomy.