Sharada Narayan Hospital offers an Egg Donation Program if using your own eggs to become pregnant is not possible or in the absence of a female partner. Once you have decided to use a donor egg, we will give you access to our highly – successful egg donor program.

We maintain an diverse egg donor database that provides information on each donor, including medical background, educational history, information about immediate family and much more.  We will work with you to find the best match available.

When your selection has been made we then begin the process of a thorough medical and psychological screenings and the signing of the required legal documents. The egg donor will begin her medications to stimulate her ovaries and prepare her for the egg retrieval. During this time, we will monitor the donor to ensure she is responding to the medications.


STEP ONE: Browse egg donor database and select your donor from hundreds candidates.

STEP TWO: Donors undergo medical and psychological screenings.

STEP THREE: All required paperwork is signed.

STEP FOUR: Donor begins medication and is monitored throughout the process.

STEP FIVE: Eggs are retrieved and embryo creation begins