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    Sharda Narayan Hospital is a leading Multi-Specialty Hospital and Trauma Centre in Mau known for its adoption of professional standards both inside and outside Mau. Since 2005, constant guidance, warmth of care and importance on putting the patient’s benefits above us have emerged as the hall

    Top Level Doctors

    Our doctors are among the nation's leaders in clinical care. They offer care in a broad range of medical specialties from the most challenging diagnoses and remedies to primary treatment for the entire family.

    State-of-Art Facility

    Our doctors are supported by a clinical and technological environment of the highest standard. Our continuous investment programme ensures that the hospital is always fitted with state-of-art equipment.

    24x7 Service

    Sharda Narayan Hospital is well-known for offering advanced emergency assistance along with rapid response for any sort of medical care. We have well-equipped emergency and trauma center.

    Symptom Diagnosis

    Our hospital has a diagnostic facility well-staffed by highly competent medical care specialists. Most of the specimens drawn at the facility is handled and examined same working day.

    Medical Store

    A medical store inside the hospital allows better and faster medication to our patients. Sharda Narayan Hospital medical store serves round the clock, 24/7 to patients as well as local population.

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    World Class Facility - Clinical Excellence - Quality Health Services and Cost Benefits.

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